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Here At Strong-Huttig School District

We See You.

We Hear You.

We Appreciate You.

-Inspired By Oprah Winfrey

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Current Job Openings

Current Job Openings

Posted Date: 05/01/2024

Healthy Plate and Active Student Info

Healthy Plate and Active Student Info

Posted Date: 09/01/2023

Strong Huttig School District
Congrats to the Strong Huttig School District for being one of the only schools in South Arkansas to be ADAM Certified, read below for details. Project ADAM® History Project ADAM® (Automated Defibrillators in Adam's Memory) is a national, non-profit o
Strong-Huttig Elementary
Strong-Huttig High School
"We who live, work, and own property within the Strong Huttig School District, wish to preserve and improve our facilities, our financial stability, and the quality of our educational program(s). We shall strive to achieve and maintain academic competitiveness through the use of all available resources including technological advances. We will focus on preparing our students for a global economy by endorsing and preparing for higher education and will work diligently to promote community cohesiveness through improved communication."

School Motto